New record is out!

It has rarely been possible to meet with Úzgin Űver from Kecskemét in the recent years. Now they have released an album fully loaded with new materials. It’s their 8th album since their started in 1991, and the first album released on vinyl. The material was made by three founding members, Marcsi Farkas (violin), Gyula Majoros (wind instruments) and Péter Homoki (guitar and producer).

There are six new tracks on the shiny vinyl. The title track Patak starts the album and roams for 16 minutes. The massive track evokes the memory of the founders 80’s band Nagy Palibi in its closing part. It is also the first occasion that the band has a guest vocalist and a real song. PollyFlow sings in Hebrew about the Red Sea in the song Shirat HaYam.
In the music of Úzgin Űver the traditional folk are left behind as well as the average world music. Of course, this calm, psychedelic, rich and scale-based instrumental process music draws from countless genres and methods and has an ancient layer as well as an unusually velvety emotional charge. The ignorance of the actual music trends and the musical highness make a very attractive combination, and it is able to attract a concentrated attention within minutes.

Our German partner Lollipop Shop will do a limited CD version too. (More info and links coming soon.)

The vinly release was funded by NKA.

You can buy this record at Bandcamp.