English information

The Band
Úzgin Űver was formed in 1991 in Kecskemét, Hungary. The name itself is the name of a Mongolian settlement, where an ancient sacred burial ground was discovered. It means something like ’dry desert area’, ’poor harvest’.

The Music
Our aim from the beginning has been to create a unique blend of the folk music of different nations, using old and new instruments, sounds and tunes. From the Carpathian Basin to Mongolia, we are working with Balkan, Turkish, Iranian and Armenian melodies in our mind. But our songs are not transcriptions, we create our own music. Further influences are jazz and rock, breakbeat and dub, the contemporary and the ancient music equally. The music is almost entirely instrumental, even the human voice is used as an instrument. Some characteristic intruments are: sax, clarinet, different kinds of flute, zurna, kaval, duduk, jew’s harp, bagpipes, violin, drums, percussions, electric guitar, sampler, HD-recorder and Tuva-style vocal. We are in connection with the contemporary fine arts and the radio Tilos.

The Members:
Marcsi Farkas – violin, vocals
Peter Homoki – guitar, keyboards, sampler, percussions, vocals
Gyula Majoros – clarinet, flutes, kaval, zurna, gaida, duduk, vocals
Peter Háry – bass , Warr-guitar
Peter Sebestyén – drums

1992 Poor Harvest (home-made demo tape)
1995 CD I (Bahia Records)
1999 CD II (Bahia Records)
2002 Puppet/Theater/Music (Bahia Records)
2004 Vörös Rébék (K.Petrys)
2005 Vörös Reworkz (the remix album of Olivier Drieu/France) (Pseudo Rekordz)
2010 Bucka (Pseudo Rekordz)

Tilos Radio Marathon (1998, 2006, 2008)
Euroconnections (French – Hungarian concert series)
Trottel Records compilation
Wire! Magazine (December 1999) – Eastern European compilation
MagyArt compilations
Eastern Space Cakes – lollipopshop.de
Hungry for Hungary compilation
music for puppet and dance theaters, TV and animation films
films by Miklós Jancsó

All important Hungarian clubs and festivals (every year of Sziget Festival)
Outside Hungary:
1993 Anger (A)
1994 Wien (A) – WUK
1995 Prague (CZ) – Roxy
1998 Linz (A) – University
1999 Paris (F) – Batofar
2000 Sydney (AUST) – Days of Hungarian Culture
2001 Berlin (D) – Bukowski
2001 Paris (F) – La Guinguette Pirate
2002 Plovdiv (BG), Caen (F), Ljubljana (SLO) – KUD, Venice (I) – Ca Tron
2003 Caen (F), Tolmin (SLO)
2004 Strassbourg (F) – La Mailon
2005 Dunajska Sreda (SK) – NFG1
2006 Kishegyes (SER) – Dombos Fest, Humenne (SK)
2007 Wien (A) – Ost Klub
2008 Subotica (SER) – Kosztolanyi Theatre
2008 Bratislava (SK) – Main Square, Old Town
2008 Kolárovo (SK) – Hanna Hanna Fest
2009 Novo Mesto (SLO) – Klub LokalPatriot
2009 Tábor (CZ) – Music Club Orion
2009 Levice (SK) – World & Etno Fest
2010 Berlin (D) – Szimpla, Supa Molly
2012 Martin (Slovakia)
2014 Sepsiszentgyorgy (Romania)

International music workshops:
– 2002 Odysseus: together with 30 French, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Irish and Hungarian musicians (2 weeks in Plovdiv and 1 month in Normandy)
– 2003 and 2004 Mediawave Music and Film Festival: Etno Workshop with French, Serbian, Polish, Ujgur, Kurd and Hungarian musicians (leader: Michael Montanaro) http://mediawavearchivum.hu/index.php?modul=filmek&kod=10352&kat=20&nyelv=hun&kezd=0
– 2006 ImPulse Beijing: DJs from Asia and Europe among others Peter Homoki aka dj Steppe (organizer: Asian European Foundatiom (ASEF) Singapore)